Mixed/Mastered/Engineered by Rob Wilson at 7Valley Studio


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Roots Music Canada
Sportsnet's "31 Thoughts" Podcast

"This is way cool –  a guitar, mandolin and bass banjo ensemble whose sound is rooted in Appalachia but stretches out to encompass pop and jazz. The members – who are actually named Sandy James, Eric Marcotte, and Garrett Stratford, by the way – combine a raw, percussive guitar sound, hot pickin’, and some really cool arrangements, like the jazzy horn on “Stranger” and the backing vocals that sound like spoken conversation in a bar. Also, hats off to Garrett for the character-rich lead vocals. That boy can holler."  - Roots Music Canada




Mixed/Engineered by Rob Wilson at Revolution Recording Studio


It's Pronounced Bass is the product of a band weeks into its inception lucking into 8 hours of free recording time at a high-end studio. Recorded live off the floor at Toronto's Revolution Recording Studio, the 4-track EP exposes Joe Bass in its rawest form. You'll find the foundations of Joe's journey into experimental folk; from the machine gun mandolin tremolo and oddly romantic jazz outro on "Dance, Dance Dance", to the crooning backups and tongue and cheek rambling on "I Hate Your Mother." Listen closely and you can hear the trio establishing an identity as a band, just in front of really expensive microphones.